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Reasons to buy at Motor Mijas

If you are thinking of a place where you can place your trust for the purchase of what may be the second most important acquisition of our lives, buying a car, we thank you for having us as an option, in addition, we list some of the reasons that in our opinion , are important when making a decision for many years

1.- Experience:

During more than 15 years dedicated to the automotive industry, we have acquired experience through training and our own  daily work, which means a long round trip to be able to offer a quality product with all the guarantees, in addition, we have a wide range of services at your disposal. This training and experience comes from the work carried out in various automotive brands, such as   Audi, Mercedes Benz, VW, Skoda, Seat among others.

2.- Triple certification:

We guarantee the mileage in writing, as well as the non-accident rate of the offered vehicles, that is, through mechanical and electronic checks, checks at official services and through  of the DGT, all our vehicles

are 100% guaranteed and in writing, a job done before being acquired or put up for sale, our priority is  the veracity of the mileage as well as the guarantee of not having had structural blows, change of airbags, pretensioners or other parts that denote  an accident. Therefore, we certify the mileage, the absence of structural damage and the non-accident rate of the vehicle. We do not sell damaged or repaired vehicles or that we have the slightest suspicion of it.

3.- Inspection and maintenance:

All Motor Mijas vehicles, prior to being put up for sale, are inspected at 130 points, to guarantee the proper functioning of all vehicle systems, from the braking system to the lighting or any of the aspects of comfort, use and driving your own vehicle.

But in addition to said inspection, all vehicles undergo complete maintenance, regardless of  that it has recently had a service done or there is time left for it, oil is changed, all the filters, brake fluid, ATF oil in case of automatic change, replacement of brake pads or discs, tires, alignment or balancing.

4.- Guarantees:

All vehicles for sale by Motor Mijas sl have a minimum guarantee of 12 months up to 36 months depending on each vehicle, this guarantee is executable in SERVICE OR OFFICIAL DEALER of each brand, that is, in the case of having any fault or anomaly , you must transfer the vehicle to the official service closest to your home within the entire Spanish territory (Iberian Peninsula ) or within the European Union, to expedite the repair procedures, you only have to notify by email or telephone the place where the vehicle is found and from there we will be  who we manage with the service / official dealer of each brand the fast and correct repair of your vehicle.

5.- Quality and interior finish:

We are the only dealership that guarantees that your pre-owned vehicle is completely new inside, we carry out an interior treatment that lasts between 7 and 12 hours, where all the upholstery , steering wheel, dashboard, air ducts, gaskets, trunk, wheel spare part, engine compartment and even the last corner is disinfected, cleaned  and we make sure that it is better than when it was new, therefore we guarantee that you will be the first to feel again in the vehicle.

6.- Service:

Our goal is to provide solutions  of mobility to our clients, therefore, we have the sale of  new and used vehicles of any brand, as well as light industrial vehicles or both, Km0, we have a permanent stock and the possibility  commissioned to obtain any  brand and model both new and km0 or semi-new

In addition we offer a wide  insurance offer so that at the best price and coverage you can ensure  your purchase.

and the possibility  to finance your purchase for up to 120 months with or without down payment, with installments from €99 per month. Working with the support and endorsement  from  the main banking entities of our country.

7.- Environmental Policy:

This company was born with the firm purpose of generating  a minimum impact on the environment derived from the activity itself, for this reason, in addition to  sell environmentally friendly vehicles  (100% electric, hybrid or with energy classification  C), we only work with workshops that certify the correct treatment of the waste generated, as well as in our own  workplace  we have reduced the use of plastic and paper to a minimum, being this minimum, recycled  after its useful life , additionally, any waste (batteries,  tires, appliances, toners) is treated by  the use of a clean point or the necessary entities for its correct recycling. 

7.- For life:

Not only do we respond before and during the warranty, our goal is to facilitate or help as much as possible, if you own a vehicle purchased from Motor Mijas sl, you have lifetime service, for whatever you need, we are at your disposal, from configuring the use of a mobile phone, up to maintenance, repairs, ITV or whatever your need may be, here is your team, here is your home. 

How can we help you?

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