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Engine decarbonization service

Our engine decarbonization service ensures that you comply with ITV emissions, whether diesel or gasoline, we clean the intake system, valves, injectors, EGR, particulate filters from the inside.

  Be it cars, vans, agricultural machinery, boats, trucks, buses, generators, irrigation pumps, etc. It can be used in any engine regardless of the fossil fuel used: diesel, gasoline, LPG, biodiesel, etc.

What are the benefits of decarbonizing the engine?

  • Recovery of the horses

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Compression recovery in each of the cylinders

  • Less pressure on the accelerator pedal to maintain speed

  • Increased recovery in high gears

  • Overtaking without downshifting due to greater recovery and elasticity of the engine

  • The sound of the engine is lower and it is less forced at high revolutions

  • Reduction or elimination of black smoke emissions from the exhaust

  • High reduction of polluting emissions

  • Smooth idling and no vibration

  • Increased speed of revs

  • Engine torque increase

  • Smoothness in the transition of the gears in automatic changes

The approximate time is one hour and after the treatment, if the vehicle will comply with the regulations, it will also save on costly possible breakdowns, reduce consumption by up to 30% and recover lost power.

What price does the service have?

It depends on the type of vehicle, engine and time needed, prices range from €50 to €120 plus VAT, we can make a free quote at our location, or by phone/whatsapp: 693704304

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